Before we jump into this let’s discuss what even is petite? Petite describes anyone who is under 5ft3. Which means me! I am 5ft1 something, but I say 5ft2, truly in denial.

When I am on the hunt for petite anything it is always a battle, do I choose the perfect fit or the perfect design? Unfortunately, in most cases they are not mutually exclusive.

I have been buying clothes for nearly 10 years now and have learnt that petite ranges are always presented as the ‘leftovers’ – always there but not so much the main course or even dessert.

However, there are some diamonds in the rough. Today we will discuss jeans. I look for length first, fit second and style last. And always high waisted. Never low or mid rise for my body type. I feel like high waisted jeans are more flattering to my body.

Do ankle jeans work?

Before we go into the particulars let’s discuss styles of jeans that work even if they are not ‘petite’ . And that is ankle jeans! It is an obvious one but hear me out. With ankle jeans given the cut is right it will just sit below the ankle unless you are under 5ft then it might be an issue. For me it works perfect and here is where you can find them!

H&M Ankle Jeans

This is a goldmine, they fit so perfectly, and the length is just right. My jeans are old and not every pair of ankle jean will be right but there will be a few with a good length for petite women. H&M jeans are such great quality as well. Well, the normal range is.

Primark Ankle Jeans

I bought a pair of low-rise ankle grazer jeans and the fit! The fit is just beautiful, but I don’t like the fact that they are low rise, just personal preference. As a petite person when something in a normal range fits me right, especially jeans, believe me I will be ecstatic.

Petite Jeans Brands

Topshop Petite Jeans

As much as it pains me, I have lost the battle in finding better petite jeans than Topshop’s. But there are some pair of jeans that are as good and some even better. For range, size and availability Topshop does win.

River Island Petite Jeans

The last pair of River Island petite jeans I bought were a good few years back and I remember them being thick and not great but now I have put on weight they are amazing for bigger thighs.

Gap Petite Jeans

Gap is on the higher scale when it comes to price and they feel soft. I’m talking about the soft jean collection in petite. They are soft and comforting but for me the fit isn’t great, but I do feel like I bought the wrong size. The length is great, but the sides of the jeans are too baggy.

Primark Petite Jeans

Let’s talk about the final brand, the Primark petite range! Their black petite jeans are amazing, the colour doesn’t wash off easily and the fit is better than most of the above and compares to Topshop. The price is a quarter of the Topshop price and I genuinely love wearing them. They make me feel and look good. So, all round winner.

Keep leading, loving and learning.

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