My relationship with blazers started in 2005 in the school hallways. The ugly unstructured blazer left a mark on me and since then I tried to avoid them at all costs.

Only in recent years did I grow a liking towards blazers and now they are a stable piece in my wardrobe. In the last 6 months I wore them often and felt good. But then winter came around and my jumpers looked bulky under the blazer, almost like I had turned into hulk in that very moment.

There is a certain formula to finding a blazer that fits petite people. And for me it goes a bit like this. The key is length and the shoulders. It’s the same with a beautiful masculine coat, the shoulders can save a horrendous outfit and most importantly make you feel good.

What to look for in a blazer

Statement blazers are essential. Hear me out. Buying a black blazer and/or a blazer in neutral colours makes the piece more wearable and this should be more of an investment piece. These are the blazers that work with formal and casual wear. Makes a hoodie look like a gown and a dress look more formal. A powerful statement.

A strong structured shoulder but not heavily padded. A good blazer to me can be noticed from its shoulders. If the shoulders are heavily padded it makes the body look disproportional and draw attention to areas, you don’t want to highlight. For example, it makes my head look so much smaller.

LENGTH. I love a blazer that falls on your thigh so isn’t too short or long. I detest crop blazers, for some reason they just never work on me and tuxedo blazers I can never wear but both look amazing on some people, just not me.

Where to buy petite blazers?


H&M is a favourite of mine and I love their blazers. They offer many different types and I do try the blazers on before buying because the fit varies a lot in H&M.

Nasty Gal

The blazers I have are on the thinner side, but the styling is versatile, and the length is perfect for what I am looking for. When I refer to the blazer being thin, one is thicker than the other in material and much sturdier. Both fit great and look good.

ASOS Petite Range

I haven’t tried this, but they have a wide range.

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