What to Wear with a Red Dress

Red, red, red and more red please

Associated with cupid and his mischief, the colour red has remained a daring and bold statement. Whether it be a bold red lip or the pair of heels that give you all the confidence you need on a Monday morning, red is the way to go.

When it comes to styling, I feel over the last years I have come a long way. Hi twenties, thank you. Finding your own style takes time and there’s so much fun to be had, wear the big fluff ball cardigan or the bright orange shoes until you find out what makes you feel best like you. Also do not let anyone dictate how you should dress, not your man, woman, family or colleagues. Dress for you! Right moving on.

What I wear with a red dress

Red as I said can be an overwhelming colour to style, it is bold and daring. First thing to do is accept it is a noticeable colour and it’s a great colour to rock. The way I style red pieces is by wearing a piece of clothing with mixed patterns so as styled in the image I am wearing a wrap dress by H&M in a red and black print.

To start with, I am wearing something I feel confident in, the style is flattering so adding the colour red is not out there for me in this case. The wrap dress is short so I paired it with some dark sheer tights with my favourite Deichmann over the knee boots. Boots are never a bad idea.

What shoes to wear with a red dress

Short Red Dress

This is how I would approach this. A shorter dress I would pair with fitter narrow ankle or over the knee boots. So whether the dress is fitted or loose the shoes will flatter the dress shape. Even a cute pair of trainers would look lovely. If you think it looks good and feel comfortable, it will come across that way. Look at the models walking down the catwalk in literal garbage.

Long Red Dress

For a longer dress, it really depends on the fit of the dress and the occasion but you can never go wrong with a pair of black heels. Always works and looks great against red. For a more casual look a pair of trainers always does the trick for more fitted dresses at an ankle length so you can see the trainers. If it is a longer dress I would opt for something with a heel, so the classic pair of heels or narrow fitted boots with lace or a sock type boot would be very flattering!

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