H&M Beige Patterned Double-breasted Coat

What most drew me to this beautifully structured coat is the resemblance it holds to a Burberry coat.

I know people have mixed opinions about inspired pieces but the pattern is common and H&M have done a great job in creating a double-breasted coat that is great for winter and realistically spring in London, maybe even summer.

I am petite so on me this would fall beneath my knees which I quite like and the black buttons finish the coat off perfectly.

H&M Light Beige Short Trench Coat

I love, love this but I think you will need to layer up especially as it is 0 degrees in London. The tie around the waist cinches it in and the subtle pattern make the trench coat look more interesting.

The pockets are wide and placed lower down and the sleeves are not fitted which makes it perfect to wear with thicker knitwear.

I do like the length but I think this is more perfect for Autumn or Spring, unless you have very warm knitwear and can rock a layered look. I end up looking like a caterpillar. 

H&M Black Wool-blend Coat

This is a great stable piece for your wardrobe, you can never go wrong with black and it looks warms. 

The narrow notch lapels are very flattering to many shapes, mimicking a deep v neckline and the lower buttons mean you can wrap a big scarf around you and or show off what you are wearing without freezing.

I know, I am obsessed with staying warm, I cannot help it haha!

H&M Beige Trench Coat

I have been known to hate trench coats but recently my likeness to them has been growing. Anything in beige is a winner right now.

The beige double-breasted trench coat looks soft and the collar falls in the right place. The contrast in the buttons adds a classic touch.

I love that there are detachable shoulder tabs and belt at the waist. And we cannot forget the pockets, it has pockets!

H&M Pink Felted Coat with a Tie Belt

2018 definitely saw a rise in pink and shockingly I am not complaining and am actually drawn to it all. 

The softness of the coat instantly drew me in and I like how it isn’t too fitted so jumpers can be worn under.

I am a big fan of the notch lapels and welt side pockets. The tie around the waist can make for a more fitted look and be more flattering.

All images are owned by H&M.

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