H&M Clothing Haul 2018

What I think of H&M

H&M and I have had a steady relationship for a while now so it is time I proclaim my love. H&M, I love the way your clothes are styled, priced and delievered. Thanks for always being you. The only hiccup was sizing but even now H&M have listened to their consumers and readjusted their UK sizes to reflect a consistent size across all of their clothing and I have already seen a difference in the clothes I have bought. So bravo, every company makes mistakes but many choose to ignore them. So go you in this instance!

In my late teens I hated H&M, I thought the clothes were bland and boring so either I have become those things or have matured and changed my styling, I prefer the latter. I like how the ranges are minimalist and mostly in neutral tones or black and white. Also, it is actually affordable and you don’t have to spend £300 on a white tee, what a tee that is – designer, it’s designer.

H&M Clothing Haul 2018 AW18

I am going to show you all my latest H&M purchases below and hope you either are inspired or.. let’s leave it at inspired.

Short Black Sweatshirt