Grey Jumpers for Winter


Is grey the new black? No. But is it close? To me very much so. What made me want to write this is when by chance I wore all grey, from leggings, to a hoodie and coat.

All grey. Winter is here, the colours have hidden.

I do try to involve colour in my daily outfits to prevent colour from going into hibernation, but I warm to the darker colours and recently grey has been my weapon of choice and it has been brilliant. Grey is very complimentary on my skin tone and an easy colour to wear for many people.

Get your grey, get your grey..

Even though the colour’s attributes are far from attractive; as it is described to be the colour of compromise and is seen as lacking emotion and motion. I think the absence of ‘colour’ makes it relaxing and calming. The neutral element means it is suitable to every skin tone and can be styled as you like. It is solid and stable. However it does not stimulate the brain the same way a beautiful orange would.

I love a lighter grey and a darker toned grey. Mango are great at offering beautiful warm jumpers in a range of colours. The ones I have bought are below and they area winter stable, I have already worn them numerous times and they fit great (do think I could do with sizing down).

Keep learning, loving and leading.

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