When you smell an amazing scent, it sticks, and it makes you want to pass that awkward line of silence on the tube just to find out what the person is wearing. My first perfume love was the original No5 Chanel and it still is. Perfection in a bottle, smell like a queen and feel like one too. Now that should be a tagline for an ad.

“Today we will discuss my current perfume collection”..

Only recently I started wearing perfume, I just never thought of it as a necessity or even a luxury. It wasn’t a thought. But now when I smell someone and they smell incredible I think I want to smell like that, now! So, I started to buy perfumes and was lucky to receive them as gifts from family and friends.

What perfume to buy?

Buying a perfume is personal. Knowing what type of scent someone likes isn’t easy unless you have some historic knowledge on their likes and what they wear. The easiest way I find to determine a type of perfume for someone is will they like a sweet/floral smell or something stronger like musk.

I like a strong scent, shock. But shockingly I own two floral/sweet perfumes that have a good combination of being strong and smelling fresh. And the other is just, how do you even describe this. It smells like a posh designer shop but in a very, very good way and I love it, not the designer shop – the perfume.

My Perfume Collection

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Eau de Parfum

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme Eau de Parfum for women is a delightfully fresh floral fragrance that expresses the ideals of modernity, femininity and confidence.

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme is a soft fragrance created in partnership with Jason Wu, the Artistic Director for BOSS Womenswear. In his desire to create a scent that symbolized the new, modern aspects of femininity Wu drew parallels between this latest era of womanhood and the cactus flower, which perseveres to bloom beautifully despite the difficulties it endures. Wu sought to create a fragrance that was as invigorating and exceptional as this uncompromising desert plant and achieved his vision with Ma Vie Pour Femme.

D&G 3 L’Imperatrice Eau De Toilette

L’Imperatrice is a mouth-watering concoction of watermelon and kiwi offset by the drama of pink cyclamen for an exhilarating fragrance sensation. Flamboyant and energetic, its for those who make heads turn when they walk in a room.

British Rose Eau de Toilette

Britain’s favourite flower comes into full bloom for this charmingly light rose eau de toilette. Sure to become a favourite in your fragrance collection, this sparkling scent contains the essence of hand-picked British roses and Community Trade organic alcohol.

*perfume descriptions from stockists

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