Best Women’s Trainers from Schuh

Take me back to Reebok P.E trainers. Recently I have had such a love for trainers, and let me tell you I used to avoid them at all costs. As my lovely friend Kyra will tell you. She is the actual queen of Nike trainers.

I have a long commute to work and as much as I love my black boots, the first pair, the second par and the 50th pair, they can hurt. I found these gorgeous grey (looks nude to me in person) colour Reebok trainers with a slight platform.  And they were very affordable. So feeling inspired I wanted to show the best women’s trainers on Schuh. From the selection you will be able to tell what I am interested in at the moment.

Also by ‘best’ I purely mean from an aesthetics perspective as I am no trainer expert.

Calvin Klein White Jeans Maya Trainers Nike Pale Pink M2k Tekno Trainers Nike Pale Pink Air Max Jewel Trainers Reebok Light Grey Rapide Trainers Nike White M2k Tekno Trainers Fila Yellow Disruptor Ii Premium Repeat Trainers Adidas Black & Pink Falcon Trainers


All images are from Schuh.

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