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How to find Unlinked Brand Mentions for free?

How to find Unlinked Brand Mentions for free?

How to find Unlinked Brand Mentions for free?

In the world of SEO even in this day and age backlinks are a major factor in building a strong foundation and in my opinion this is not going to change anytime soon. The way I see backlinks in SEO is as the bricks that build and strengthen your website.

Unlinked brand mentions/citations and/or whatever else you may call it is still a huge player in gaining backlinks and in theory it should be a quick, easy and a cost effective way to gain backlinks. However, with the constant rise of digital advertising usage and creation of blogs it is no surprise that people are not willing to add a link for free and personally I wouldn’t pay for a link – move on to the next one!

Counting only my ‘SEO’ years I am a toddler but nonetheless (no ageism here!) I have learnt some tricks and tips that have proven successful and helped me find unlinked brand mentions. The method is easy and can be followed through below:

  1. Download SEO Quake for free
  2. Limit your search to only display external sites – using


3. Filter your search results by month to collect monthly unlinked brand mentions

   4. Change Google search settings to display more than 10 results a page

5. Export results into Excel using SEO Quake

6. Start sorting through data!

How to Write Unlinked Brand Mentions Outreach Emails

The way I approach outreach emails is to sound like myself as opposed to a business email. At the end of the day you are asking someone for a favour and taking the casual approach has served me well. I will provide a quick example and of course keeping in mind the brand’s tone of voice before using particular words.

What to include in emails:

  • Try to find the authors email and address them by name
  • Include a link to the post/article you are referring to
  • Optional – include a snippet of the post/article
  • Include the link you want them to link to and briefly mention why, for example providing readers with additional information

I would highly recommend following up emails after a week or two. A great tactic is to forward the previous email and ask if they had a chance to read it, I’ve had great success with this!

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