zoeva buffer brush review


No more streak lines and blending tragedies.

I love makeup. Do as you please, and for goodness sake, do not care what others think. On that note, I bought my first ever Zoeva makeup brush and as expected I was excited!

I forgot what a difference a good makeup brush can make, oh the skin screams for joy. To find out more keep on reading.

Smooth, soft and seamless finish

My foundation combination is genius, I feel like a scientist. Of course no where near in reality but in my head so much closer.The size of the brush means it only takes a few buffs and you have a flawless finish. I do continue to buff the foundation in after I’m done because of how soft the brush is and it fits perfectly in my hand so is easy to manoeuvre.

Apparently the Zoeva collection is known for being high performing and amongst the renown brands. The brush is great for powder and mineral make up.

I personally use it for liquid foundation and I like creating a more natural look. But I do think it can be used for a more full and glam makeup look.

Keep leading, learning and loving.

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