NYX Eyebrow Gel (waterproof) Review

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Product Description: The NYX Eyebrow gel is waterproof, long dash lasting and smudge proof in 5 shades and contains 10 ML.

Price: £6.50

Product Review: I have been using this NYX eyebrow gel for a while now and nothing else compares to it! It is the reason behind the many eyebrow compliments which I will happily take. It has taken me a long dash while to find an eyebrow product that works for my scarce thick black eyebrows.

The product is best applied with an angled brush and you don’t need to spend £20 on an angled eyebrow brush, Amazon is your best friend. I bought a pack of 20 makeup brushes under £2 and they were great, but none of which were face makeup brushes.

The NXY eyebrow gel is thick in consistency and needs to be applied softly to avoid creating the Nike eyebrow look. I should warn you as it is waterproof, which is news to me even though I have been using it for a long time, it is very difficult to take off. I am talking a few scrubs will be needed and also once applied it is difficult to correct but once you have formed a habit it is good to go. And I would highly recommend this if you love the high brow Instagram makeup look, very easy to create with this magical product.

My Shade: Black/Noir

Would I recommend? YES!

Any questions, shout @byrasida Instagram and let me know how it works for you!

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