How to: wear green and pink eyeshadow


The duo you should think about.

I have always loved wearing bright eye shadows, even when I was 11 no one could keep me away. On my first day of year 7 I wore bright green eyeshadow, and I remember even to this day my friend asking me why are you wearing that? Now I can answer, setting the trends ‘hun’. Oh, the beauty of makeup in the early 2000’s, no mascara, no eyeliner just a smudge of green eyeshadow.

Makeup Revolution has been a makeup favourite of mine in the last year, not only is it affordable but the quality is great. From their eyeshadow palettes to the viral concealers (even though they are not my favourite) they have had a good year.

The key to wearing a bright eyeshadow colour is making sure whatever palette you have blends well and is easily buildable. Or you end up looking like you walked into a chalkboard. I have had many looks that looked like I was mastering the chalk look.

The Makeup Revolution I absolutely love is the shimmery palette with the beautiful browns, golds and darker tones.

It is stunning.

The palette I did use is no longer sold as I bought it over a year ago but there are plenty of alternatives out there.

When wearing bolder colours I make sure my outfit doesn’t scream or even shout and I keep it toned down so my eyeshadow can do the talking.

That’s the beauty of makeup, it says what you want it to say not what other people want you to say. And in that there is such a simplicity and beauty. Whether you follow the trends or make your own, wear it with confidence and pride, because that’s what you like.

Keep learning, loving and leading.

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