Head & Shoulders Conditioner Review

Healthy hair has always been a must for me. I rely on my hair to make me feel good and when I did get a horrific haircut, said hairdresser I DO NOT FORGIVE YOU. I had to wait 10 months till my hair grew back to a length I was happy with. Don’t get me wrong, I have had several DIY masterclasses of my own, dyed my hair blue, bleached my hair more times than most and once had an orange patch at the top of my head. But I am no professional, so I rely on hairdressers to know what they are doing. And of course most do but do I have some stories!

Side order of shine, shine and extra shine please

My go to shampoo and conditioner for the last few years has been the Aussie range, divine, works great on dyed and bleached hair. And it even works if you are suffering from hair loss. Please, please, please avoid Tresemme shampoo, for some reason it makes your hair fall at a ridiculous rate. This has been my experience and many others! Even my hairdressers have said it is a really harsh shampoo.



What urged me to write this post was when I looked at my hair and it felt so amazing that I knew I had to write this just so I could look back at it and remember this is a WINNER and it so affordable! Smells great and leaves the hair incredibly shiny and soft- would, would recommend!

Keep learning, loving and leading.

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