Fenty Beauty Review

As a consumer I feel like Fenty Beauty has been able to achieve what brands who have been around for than 50 years couldn’t. Which is recognising and acknowledging that their consumer is not just one colour, one tone and there are women and men of different tones and colours from all over the world who want to wear makeup.

Being an avid makeup lover, I had just got used to not being able to find my shade whilst my friends did and spending hours, literal hours trying to figure out what might work. I looked amongst the big brands and the small brands; low and high-end. Whilst there were brands like Estee Lauder and NYX that did offer my skin tone and colour there are still many today that do not!

When I go into the ‘big dawgs’ how do they not have my skin tone? Please someone tell me. I just don’t understand how you can advertise a whole new collection but not actually include a diverse range of foundation colours.

The launch of Fenty Beauty forced brands to rethink their marketing strategies and it was about time. It was just sad that they needed competition and a newer brand to show them how to do it. I do want to say I know there are many more makeup brands who have been inclusive for years.

So, to show my support for a brand that is doing it right. I wanted to buy some of the Fenty beauty stuff, but plot twist my aunt gifted them to me as an early birthday gift – thank you!

I also wanted to include what Rihanna said about the brand herself:

Rihanna was inspired to create Fenty Beauty after years of experimenting with the best-of-the-best in beauty—and still seeing a void in the industry for products that performed across all skin types and tones. She launched a makeup line “so that women everywhere would be included,” focusing on a wide range of traditionally hard-to-match skin tones, creating formulas that work for all skin types, and pinpointing universal shades – Fenty Beauty.

Fenty Beauty Highlighter

I have the highlighter in hustla baby and it is so pretty. The shine is subtle but can easily be built up and the compact is stunning and practical!

Fenty Beauty Lipstick

The lipstick has got so many compliments, it is creamy, comfortable and rich in colour. This is the most comfortable lipstick I own by far.

Fenty Beauty Lipgloss

This is such a nice and everyday gloss but it also looks so nice on any other lip colour. It plumps the lips up and doesn’t feel heavy.


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