How I live my life

What a title right? Well I hope the contents of it match. Growing up I always thought I was special because of the difficulties and challenges I faced but I am not special. And this is a good thing. I have always worked for everything and worked hard. I almost, to be honest, always didn’t understand why things didn’t work out and used to think that the world owes me for the hardships I’ve faced. But in reality, everyone has hardships and everyone at some point thinks that their problems are unique and only happen to them, of course there are some unique situations. I think at the naive age of 24 I do bare a somewhat of wisdom. As arrogant as that sounds I think I’m realising more and more of the important rather than the superficial.

I’ve never been one who cares what I wear, until I gained weight, I never care what people think about me, until it starts hurting my feelings. What I’m trying to say is everyone cares but now I am choosing what to care about rather than caring about every damn single thing that happens in my life.

Maybe it was the book, maybe it is the gym, maybe it is that shitty thing that happened to me but whatever it is it feels good.

As a 16 year old, boy, oh boy was I a box full of noise, very loud noise. Regardless of how young I was I always knew not to care about what others think of you and never to compare yourself to someone else. A lovely line, quote, I always recall, is do not compare your chapter 1 to someones chapter 32. I must say not always caring about what others think about you can have it’s downside, I do welcome criticism but it took me a while to accept it and I am always open to other peoples views. To be respected there has to be a mutual respect.

Some things/values/beliefs I live by:

1. Talk about your dreams, say it out loud, say it to your friends and family but don’t scream about it over social media
2. Always be honest, no matter what the situation is
3. Be kind to everyone and anyone
4. Always help people
5. Do things that scare the shit out of you
6. Believe in yourself and what you can do
7. Listen to yourself
8. Apologise if you have hurt someone
9. Don’t give up
10. Never let what others think of you stop you from living the life you want

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