Dan and Blair, the couple that should have been

So I am in the midst of writing another product review however I am far too invested in rewatching Gossip Girl. Why have I just came to the realisation that Dan and Blair are THE couple.

The couple that should have been, the couple that you root for because it simply doesn’t make any sense. Breaking the ‘class’ system, friends rule (which I am not a fan of) and just simply being a ‘cute couple’.

I may have slightly lost the plot.

Now I am going to try and fight this ever so important case.

Dan is a lonely guy, with a low self esteem and far too obsessed with Serena, who doesn’t feel the same or feels love for a different guy every other minute. I do love her though, how can you not. He is smart, caring and somewhat deluded, a stranger to the upper east and immune to war over wealth, as he has none.

Then you have Blair, again smart but with high self esteem and has only ever been in love with one guy, the nortorious ‘bad boy’ Chuck Bass. She is on the opposite spectrum with her blunt remarks, Chanel bags and wealth of network and inheritance of course.

The start of their relationship changed Blair for the better and she became kinder, more thoughtful and a calmer person but you could argue it wasn’t really ‘her’ whereas Dan remained himself but took on board the sneakiness and lies.

Their similarities make them more alike than any of their other partners, both smart, driven and would do anything for their loved ones.

Even now writing this maybe the writers go it right. I am wrong, their friendship made more sense but I wish it started earlier on. So far Season 4 is my favourtie of Gossip Girl!

XOXO ( I had to come on!)

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