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Grey Jumpers for Winter

A GREY WINTER Is grey the new black? No. But is it close? To me very much so. What made me want to write this is when by chance I wore all grey, from leggings, to a hoodie and coat. All grey. Winter is…

December 9, 2018

Best Women’s Trainers from Schuh

Take me back to Reebok P.E trainers. Recently I have had such a love for trainers, and let me tell you I used to avoid them at all costs. As my lovely friend Kyra will tell you. She is the actual queen of Nike…

September 23, 2018

H&M Clothing Haul 2018

What I think of H&M H&M and I have had a steady relationship for a while now so it is time I proclaim my love. H&M, I love the way your clothes are styled, priced and delievered. Thanks for always being you. The only…

September 4, 2018