Pink is the New Black

Pink is the New Black


Fashion has a habit of changing more often than British weather and as of recently it has taken a turn towards a blush of pink. Whether you are walking to work or browsing in a store a shadow of pink will follow.

Black will always remain sexy, sleek and slimming. But it seems like pink is here to put up a fight. The shade of pink may not be as complimentary to all skin tones but with the right styling and confidence everyone can rock a hue of pink.

Pink is no longer associated with Barbie and girly girls and is now the colour of the millennials.

With the likes of celebrities such as Kylie Jenner monoplosing a corner of the makeup industry with pink lip kits there is no doubt the social media world took inspiration from her choices.

The fashion industry is too large for me to fathom where every single inspiration comes from but it is changing direction and meeting with demands created or triggered by social media influencers.

Pink will never win again the ever so sexy black but there will be a storm of people wearing shades of pink until it stops raining and a new season begins.

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