Boxing Class in London

Boxing, once known as a common ‘spectator sport’ is a great way to get fit whilst having fun. The sport might date back to centuries ago but in recent years it has become a popular way to exercise and have fun. The sport made its first Olympic debut in the 1900’s in the USA and requires strength, pace, and motivation.

I thought I would give it a go and see if I could master well attempt to master the art of punching (just joking) and of course get fit.

The lesson I partook in was a 40 minute intense workout including basic ‘how to’ activities. And as much as I wanted to perfect each movement I found it hard and felt frustrated, understandably as there was only one instructor it was difficult to get assistant.

It’s a great workout if you like being on your feet and want to learn more about boxing from an awesome instructor – he was likeable, easy going and a professional. Despite my dislike towards the event due to my inability to enjoy something if I’m not good at it I would still recommend the class.


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14 Bedford Square





Nice Venue

Likeable and professional teacher

No assistance

Have to work out in pairs


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