About Me


Hello! Where do I start. So I started a blog in 2012 called Hellorasida, which to this day I am very proud of as everyone else should be with their own projects. I started doing well, not raining in gold good but good for me. I started attending events and receiving PR products but for me that wasn’t what I wanted at the time, still thankful to the companies I have had the pleasure of working with. Then I started my career in SEO and I still work in SEO for a fashion company. The designer world is far from my norm but very exciting.

Then I decided to join forces with my still current close friend which was called ‘Twostyles’ unfortunately that didn’t work out so then I closed the book on the blogging chapter.

Now I have decided to not listen to the ‘perfectionist‘ voice in my head and write about whatever I want and run with opportunities.

Hope you enjoy my ‘diary’ of thoughts, nonsense and just a bit of me.

Love, Rasida.