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December 2018


Grey Jumpers for Winter

A GREY WINTER Is grey the new black? No. But is it close? To me very much so. What made me want to write this is when by chance I wore all grey, from leggings, to a hoodie and coat. All grey. Winter is…

December 9, 2018
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How to: wear green and pink eyeshadow

BRAVING THE GREEN AND PINK DUO The duo you should think about. I have always loved wearing bright eye shadows, even when I was 11 no one could keep me away. On my first day of year 7 I wore bright green eyeshadow, and…

December 8, 2018
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Fenty Beauty Review

As a consumer I feel like Fenty Beauty has been able to achieve what brands who have been around for than 50 years couldn’t. Which is recognising and acknowledging that their consumer is not just one colour, one tone and there are women and…

December 1, 2018