Best Women’s Trainers from Schuh

Take me back to Reebok P.E trainers. Recently I have had such a love for trainers, and let me tell you I used to avoid them at all costs. As my lovely friend Kyra will tell you. She is the actual queen of Nike trainers.

I have a long commute to work and as much as I love my black boots, the first pair, the second par and the 50th pair, they can hurt. I found these gorgeous grey (looks nude to me in person) colour Reebok trainers with a slight platform.  And they were very affordable. So feeling inspired I wanted to show the best women’s trainers on Schuh. From the selection you will be able to tell what I am interested in at the moment.

Also by ‘best’ I purely mean from an aesthetics perspective as I am no trainer expert.

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How I live my life

What a title right? Well I hope the contents of it match. Growing up I always thought I was special because of the difficulties and challenges I faced but I am not special. And this is a good thing. I have always worked for everything and worked hard. I almost, to be honest, always didn’t understand why things didn’t work out and used to think that the world owes me for the hardships I’ve faced. But in reality, everyone has hardships and everyone at some point thinks that their problems are unique and only happen to them, of course there are some unique situations. I think at the naive age of 24 I do bare a somewhat of wisdom. As arrogant as that sounds I think I’m realising more and more of the important rather than the superficial.

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H&M Clothing Haul 2018

What I think of H&M

H&M and I have had a steady relationship for a while now so it is time I proclaim my love. H&M, I love the way your clothes are styled, priced and delievered. Thanks for always being you. The only hiccup was sizing but even now H&M have listened to their consumers and readjusted their UK sizes to reflect a consistent size across all of their clothing and I have already seen a difference in the clothes I have bought. So bravo, every company makes mistakes but many choose to ignore them. So go you in this instance!

In my late teens I hated H&M, I thought the clothes were bland and boring so either I have become those things or have matured and changed my styling, I prefer the latter. I like how the ranges are minimalist and mostly in neutral tones or black and white. Also, it is actually affordable and you don’t have to spend £300 on a white tee, what a tee that is – designer, it’s designer.

H&M Clothing Haul 2018 AW18

I am going to show you all my latest H&M purchases below and hope you either are inspired or.. let’s leave it at inspired.

Short Black Sweatshirt
Ankle Boots
Stand-up Sweatshirt
Denim Skirt with a Zip


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Best High Street Makeup Products for yellow skin tone

Once upon time makeup was alien to me until my not so evil real sisters showed me the wonderful world of cat eyes, bold lips and blush cheeks. Since then I have a very different relationship with my face but in a good way. I have always had an artist in me but I didn’t let it grow for many reasons and I guess putting makeup on my face allows me to be expressive. From the bad to the very very good I have used hundreds of makeup products, some of which have been excellent and others making me regret the purchases. In all I want to share with you my daily favourite makeup products, all from the high street!

NYX Stay Matte Foundation

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An affordable foundation with a wide skin tone range and doesn’t make me break out? Yes please. I have used Estee Lauder (big fan) from nameless foundations and one thing I have learnt is that price does not always mean quality. This foundation is only £7 and lasts a long while, a little bit goes a long way.

Eylure Brow Gel

Shocked at myself for not listing my favourite NYX eyebrow Gel, still a brilliant product but lately I have been enjoying the Eylure brow gel paired with the Bobbi Brown Corrector, it is a dream come true. The best combination for natural shaped brows with a subtle ‘brushed’ brow look. It only takes a few minutes to create and a flat brush is the best applicator for this. Any flat brush does the trick too.

Kiko Bronzer

I am a brown girl, which means most high street bronzers look like my shade of foundation. Luckily I came across KIKO years ago and it is amazing, affordable and looks flawless. The only issue I have is the lack of shades, I think there is only four. And I used the darkest shade so many will not be able to wear this bronzer. Hoping the skin tone range expands soon as the formula is great and I think I have been through four or five.

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Bloggers you need to know about

Like many I believe the blogger world is now more about profiting then secret sharing but I see no harm turning your hobbie into your job. Given that many have seen the advantage of being a blogger the market is very saturated.

But to me that means more amazing blogs to read and share. However it frustrates me, as a old school blogger, trier of many blogs, and a person whose job entailed/entails working with influencers that the ‘smaller’ ‘newer’ bloggers don’t get enough promotion and shine they deserve.

So I want to create a series on my blog called ‘bloggers you need to know about’ to shout out great bloggers and voice out more of what I want to see in the community. It might not do anything. It might do something. Here is to trying!

Read more here to find out more

As a Blonde

I found Sophie’s blog through a twitter hashtag, the power of social media. Great lead into the fact that Sophie is a Social Media Exec!

What drew me into Sophie’s blog was the post on statement earrings, I am ultimate sucker for great imagery. And we share a common love for clothes and by the looks of the ‘I have a thing’ series which I think is a great idea by the way we also share a love for H&M. Enough of commanilities, check Sophie out and show her some love at:

Blogger: Sophie

Wander with Nicka

On the search for new bloggers I came across Nicka and I am happy to have. I read ‘My Korean Skin Care Routine’ and as someone who has dealt with acne I can relate. From the age of 16 I have been battling with my skin and have tested and tried many things like Nicka. This is why when I see a skin care post I become invested. The post has encouraged me to test Korean skin care and I will have to look into Nicka’s recommendations!

Blogger: Nicka

Simply Christa Anne

I stumbled across Christa Anne’s blog and mistakenly thought Christaane was one word, moving on. I really enjoyed reading ‘going grey’ and agree that no matter how old you are it doesn’t mean that is all you are. We are more than our age and it was refreshing to hear that approaching 40 doesn’t mean you stop learning, living or loving despite what the media keeps shouting at us. Christa shared a great analogy (right word for it right, I’m no wordsmith!) of turning a fear into something fun and I am all about that. To read more from Christa Anne, show her some love on:

Blogger: Christa Anne

Really excited to read more from these lovely ladies as I start my journey back into blogging, I also encourage you all to share your favourite/new/small bloggers on your blog!

Be the change you wish to see in people, Rasida.

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Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach Review

Product Description: “A wakeup call for tired eyes—this essential corrector brightens and covers discolouration under the eyes utilising a pink- or peach-based formula to neutralise undereye darkness” dash Bobbi Brown, contains 1.4g and available in 21 shades.

Price: £19.50

Product Review: The corrector that corrects in one swipe. I started using this a few years ago and I cannot remember why I stopped. The colour range alone is impressive. The product is thick in consistency and covers dark eye circles perfectly.

But one thing that I do have an issue with is that if you have problematic skin underneath your eye this probably isn’t for you as it can hog on to dry skin. I must say though I love how compact it is and how it comes with a tiny mirror.

The product lasts a while and only requires a little bit.

Combined with a liquid conealer this can create a flawless finish.

My Shade: Peach

Would I recommend? Yes, if you have ‘normal’ skin underneath your eyes.

Any questions, shout @byrasida Instagram and let me know how it works for you!

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Dan and Blair, the couple that should have been

So I am in the midst of writing another product review however I am far too invested in rewatching Gossip Girl. Why have I just came to the realisation that Dan and Blair are THE couple.

The couple that should have been, the couple that you root for because it simply doesn’t make any sense. Breaking the ‘class’ system, friends rule (which I am not a fan of) and just simply being a ‘cute couple’.

I may have slightly lost the plot.

Now I am going to try and fight this ever so important case.

Dan is a lonely guy, with a low self esteem and far too obsessed with Serena, who doesn’t feel the same or feels love for a different guy every other minute. I do love her though, how can you not. He is smart, caring and somewhat deluded, a stranger to the upper east and immune to war over wealth, as he has none.

Then you have Blair, again smart but with high self esteem and has only ever been in love with one guy, the nortorious ‘bad boy’ Chuck Bass. She is on the opposite spectrum with her blunt remarks, Chanel bags and wealth of network and inheritance of course.

The start of their relationship changed Blair for the better and she became kinder, more thoughtful and a calmer person but you could argue it wasn’t really ‘her’ whereas Dan remained himself but took on board the sneakiness and lies.

Their similarities make them more alike than any of their other partners, both smart, driven and would do anything for their loved ones.

Even now writing this maybe the writers go it right. I am wrong, their friendship made more sense but I wish it started earlier on. So far Season 4 is my favourtie of Gossip Girl!

XOXO ( I had to come on!)

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