Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

SKIN TYPE: Oily/Combination Skin

I came across this cleanser because of a segment on This Morning. I looked into it and the reviews were amazing on Boots so I decided to give this ago. I did debate the purchase because I have a history of buying skincare and it not working out. But I am happy to announce it works amazingly!

From my research into skincare and ingredients I have learnt that using Vitamin C and AHA/BHA acids together is counteractive as they are on opposite ends of the pH balance which results in the products cancelling each other out. The solution is to use them at different times.

How to use Super Facialist Vitamin C Cleanser?

The directions on the cleanser instruct you to apply it to your face and rinse off however I do not follow this. I do apply it to a dry face and massage it in but instead of rinsing it off, after watching a video of Carol Hirons, I use a wet towel to take the cleanser off. Sometimes I rinse the cleanser off after using water.

It works so beautifully and takes off makeup and gives such a beautiful glow to the face.

It has been recommended everywhere and even on the oil cleanser to double cleanse, again I find I don’t need to.

Does the oily cleanser work on oily skin?

Something else that I have learnt is that oily cleansers can be good for oily/combination skin as all skin can be dehydrated. There are a lot oily cleansers in the market but this is the first time I have used one.

This is a miracle when it comes to breakouts, I have acne prone skin and when I massage the oil in my skin overnight the spots reduce in size or completely disappear. Keep in mind I have other products in my skincare routine that are also great!

I would highly recommend the Super Facialist Vitamin C Oil Cleanser!

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